Department of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Care: School of Medicine: University of California, Irvine

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Christen Hebl, CRNA Photo

Christen Hebl, CRNA
Principal Nurse Anesthetist

Brandee Baker, CRNA Photo

Brandee Baker, CRNA
Vice Principal Nurse Anesthetist
Director, Scheduling

David Guthrie, CRNA Photo

David Guthrie, CRNA
Vice Principal Nurse Anesthetist

Ann Singleton, CRNA Photo

Ann Singleton, DNAP, CRNA
SNRA Program Coordinator

Michelle Aquino, CRNA Photo

Michelle Aquino, CRNA

Sean Bernard, CRNA Photo

Sean Bernard, CRNA

Photo unavailable

Dallas Bessette, CRNA

Sandy Le, CRNA Photo

Sandy Bessette, CRNA

Photo unavailable

Maria Bui, CRNA

Kelby Carey, CRNA Photo

Kelby Carey, CRNA

Diego Cavenaghi Photo

Diego Cavenaghi, CRNA

Johnny Cheng, CRNA Photo

Johnny Cheng, CRNA

Richard Choi, CRNA Photo

Richard Choi, CRNA

Dave Chy, CRNA Photo

Dave Chy, CRNA

Cristina Coolidge, CRNA Photo

Cristina Coolidge, CRNA

Peter Doeve, CRNA Photo

Peter Doeve, CRNA

Cristina Falk Photo

Cristina Falk, CRNA

Bernadette Flowe Photo

Bernadette Flowe, CRNA

Jessica Garcia, CRNA Photo

Jessica Garcia, CRNA

Jorely Gibson, CRNA Photo

Jorely Gibson, CRNA

Steve Goins, CRNA Photo

Steve Goins, CRNA

Lisa Gonzalez, CRNA Photo

Lisa Gonzales, CRNA

Robert Horn, CRNA Photo

Robert Horn, CRNA

Miranda Ideal, CRNA Photo

Miranda Ideal, CRNA

Hai Kim, CRNA Photo

Hai Kim, CRNA

Sara Learned, CRNA Photo

Sara Learned, CRNA

Hai Ly, CRNA Photo

Hai Ly, CRNA

Christy Madden, CRNA Photo

Christy Madden, CRNA

Michael Marino, CRNA Photo

Michael Marino, CRNA

Jonathan McGarrity, CRNA Photo

Jonathan McGarrity, CRNA

Janiece Miller, CRNA Photo

Janiece Miller, CRNA

Ann Mitchell, CRNA Photo

Ann Mitchell, CRNA

Jane Mwenja, CRNA Photo

Jane Mwenja, CRNA

Michael Navales, CRNA Photo

Michael Navales, CRNA

Kenneth Nwaezeapu, CRNA Photo

Kenneth Nwaezeapu, CRNA

Eileen Ong Photo

Eileen Ong, CRNA

Mehri Pahlavani Photo

Mehri Pahlavani, CRNA

Nilu Patel Photo

Nilu Patel, DNAP, CRNA

Julie Pham Photo

Julie Pham, CRNA

Nicole Powch, CRNA Photo

Nicole Powch, CRNA

Irene Paula Printzian Photo

Irene Paula Printzian, CRNA

Gabriel Punsalan Photo

Gabriel Punsalan, CRNA

Sanah Qureshi Photo

Sanah Qureshi, CRNA

Evan Scheier Photo

Evan Scheier, CRNA

Megan Schwaner, CRNA Photo

Megan Schwaner, CRNA

Sara Shive, CRNA Photo

Sara Shive, CRNA

Helen Stepan, CRNA Photo

Helen Stepan, CRNA

Amy Szymkowicz, CRNA Photo

Amy Szymkowicz, CRNA

Photo unavailable

Denise Tafoya, CRNA

Salvador Tafoya Photo

Salvador Tafoya, CRNA

Guillermo Vallejo Photo

Guillermo Vallejo, CRNA

Rebecca Vigil Photo

Rebecca Vigil, CRNA

Juliet Williams Photo

Juliet Williams, CRNA

Kristen Zapanta Photo

Kristen Zapanta, CRNA