Department of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Care: School of Medicine: University of California, Irvine

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Jane Ahn, MD Jane Ahn, MD
Kyle Ahn, MD Kyle Ahn, MD
Navid Alem, MD Navid Alem, MD
Michael T. Alkire, MD Michael T. Alkire, MD
Staci Becker, MD photo Staci Becker, MD
Ashley Broussard, MD Ashley Broussard, MD
Melissa Chang, MD, MBA photo Melissa Chang, MD, MBA
Ho Joon Choi, MD photo Ho Joon Choi, MD
Jody Chou, MD Photo Jody Chou, MD
James Cyraic, MD photo James Cyriac, MD
Phat Dang, MD photo Phat Dang, MD
Rakhi Dayal, MD Photo Rakhi Dayal, MD
Taizoon Dhoon, MD photo Taizoon Dhoon, MD
Jennifer Elia, MD photo Jennifer Elia, MD
Scott Engwall, MD photo Scott Engwall, MD, MBA
Ryan Field, MD photo Ryan Field, MD
Sarah Giafaglion, MD photo Sarah Giafaglione, MD
Kimberly Gimenez, MD Kimberly Gimenez, MD
Emily B. Goldenberg, MD Emily B. Goldenberg, MD
Anna L. Harris, MD Anna L. Harris, MD
Christine Hollister, MD Christine Hollister, MD
generic-avatar Samuel Hong, MD
Zeev N. Kain, MD photo Zeev N. Kain, MD, MBA
Karen Katrivesis, MD photo Karen Katrivesis, MD
Richard Kelly, MD Richard Kelly, MD, MPH
Z. David Luo, MD, PhD Z. David Luo, MD, PhD
generic-avatar Eli Luong, MD
Katherine McCartney, MD Katherine McCartney, MD
Debra E. Morrison, MD Debra E. Morrison, MD
Ariana Nelson, MD Ariana Nelson, MD
Corey Nelson, MD Corey Nelson, MD
Sean Ostlund, PhD Sean Ostlund, PhD
Kyle Paredes, MD photo Kyle Paredes, MD, MBA
Ellen Park MD photo Ellen Park, MD
Dmitry Portnoy, MD Dmitry Portnoy, MD
Aaron Przybysz, MD Aaron Przybysz, MD, PhD
Ramin Rahimian, MD Ramin Rahimian, MD, MBA
Govind Rajan, MD Govind Rajan, MD
generic-avatar Sonali Rao, MD
Darren R. Raphael, MD Darren R. Raphael, MD, MBA
Cameron Ricks, MD Cameron Ricks, MD
Joseph B. Rinehart, MD Joseph B. Rinehart, MD
Abraham Rosenbaum, MD Abraham Rosenbaum, MD
Christopher Sauer, MD, MBA Christopher Sauer, MD, MBA
Aalap Shah, MD Aalap Shah, MD
Sahlini Shah, MD Shalini Shah, MD
Jay Shen, MD Jay Shen, MD
generic-avatar Siddharth Singh, DO
Suzanne Strom, MD Suzanne Strom, MD
Coral Sun, MD Coral Sun, MD
generic-avatar Kei Togashi, MD, MPH
Shermeen B. Vakharia, MD Shermeen B. Vakharia, MD, MBA
Douglas Vaughn, MD Douglas Vaughn, MD
Trung Vu, MD Trung Vu, MD
Trevor Whitwell, MD photo Trevor Whitwell, MD
William Wilson, MD photo William Wilson, MD
Waylan Wong, MD photo Waylan Wong, MD
Brent Yeung, MD photo Brent Yeung, MD
Gregory Yoshikawa, MD photo Gregory Yoshikawa, MD
Generic Avatar Howard Zee, MD