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Anesthesiology Interest Group (AIG)

Anesthesiologist in the operating room

The Anesthesiology Interest Group (AIG) was established to provide medical students who are interested in pursuing the exciting field of anesthesiology as a career with the knowledge, education and understanding about the duties and skill sets needed for the specialty. AIG is dedicated to help interested medical students successfully enter the field of anesthesiology and explore different subspecialties within the field.

The UCI Anesthesiology Interest Group will:

  • Educate medical students about the field of anesthesiology through lectures, discussions, annual meetings, Q&A sessions, research experiences, events and activities
  • Provide medical students with hands-on clinical skills workshops
  • Educate medical students about the residency application process
  • Promote interactions between medical students and anesthesiology residents and faculty


Throughout an academic year, AIG hosts informative and interactive workshops for medical students. Workshops can include:

  • Clinical Skills (airway management and intubation, vascular access, OR code, basic and advanced airway, TEE simulation, advance line placement)
  • Point-of-Care Ultrasound
  • Perioperative Simulation
  • Post-MATCH and Residency Interview Advising
  • Anesthesiology Rotations Preparedness 101
  • Introduction to Anesthesiology Subspecialties
  • "Real Deal" Anesthesia Talk
  • Anesthesiology Residency Program Director Meet and Greet


The UCI AIG hosts a symposium bi-annually for medical students to experience the interdisciplinary nature of the field of anesthesiology. The event is organized to provide hands-on workshops, informative lectures and information about residency and also a unique opportunity for medical students from around the country to network with future colleagues, current residents, attending anesthesiologists and residency program directors.

The one-day symposium includes:

  • A variety of lectures followed with Q&A panels
  • Hands-on workshops and simulation sessions (intubation, line placement, ultrasound, codes)
  • A day in a life of an anesthesiology resident
  • Residency Fair with a wide range of California Anesthesiology Residency Programs

Some themes featured for the symposium were:

  • "Anesthesia: What's Next in Tech?"
  • “Anesthesiology Residency Life”
  • “Leadership in Anesthesiology”
  • "Understanding the Future of Anesthesiology"
  • "Discovering Anesthesia Subspecialties"


AIG has an ongoing mentoring program where medical students are paired with an anesthesiologist to explore the aspects of general anesthesia and an in-depth exploration of different subspecialists of cardiac, obstetrics, chronic pain and regional and acute anesthesiology. Mentors will increase the awareness of the anesthesiology clinical practice and encourage medical students to explore different career opportunities within the field of anesthesiology.


Contact Information

If you would like more information about AIG and future scheduled events, contact:

Jia Tang, MS

Daniel Kim, MS

Chair, Communications
Linsey Wilson, MS

Chair, Finance
Victor Lee, MS

Director, MS3/MS4 Events
Michael Lobasso, MS

Director, MS1/MS2 Events
Ted Nguyen, MS

Faculty Advisor
Assistant Dean, Student Affairs
Director, Medical Student Clerkship Rotations

Kyle Paredes, MD, MBA