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Jody Chou, MD photo

Jody Chou, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor

Dr. Jody Chou’s primary research interest lies in the pathophysiology remodeling of the right ventricle and its effect in perioperative outcomes. Although it is known that left ventricular dysfunction is associated with poor outcome in non-cardiac surgeries, the role of right ventricular dysfunction in this particular setting is unknown. Dr. Chou is currently investigating the role of right ventricular dysfunction in non-cardiac surgeries; specifically evaluating whether presence of right ventricular dysfunction predicts longer hospital stay, higher post-operative morbidities and mortality. She is also interested in looking at predictors for right ventricular dysfunction. To date, there is a lack of validated scoring system that predicts presence of right ventricular dysfunction. Dr. Chou believes a validated scoring system will help guide perioperative management and improve patient care.

Dr. Chou’s secondary research interest lies in improving the ability to detect right ventricular dysfunction in the perioperative setting using speckle tracking echocardiography. While right ventricular dysfunction has been predominately diagnosed using traditional echo parameters, there are studies demonstrating that speckle tacking is a superior technique because of its improved sensitivity. She believes using speckle tracking will improve the clinician’s ability to detect subclinical right ventricular dysfunction, and ultimately, improve patient care.